2011 Race

The emails are flooding in, and I want to assure everyone that there will be a 2011 running of the Chequamegon 100. The date will be Saturday, May 21st, 2011. The event will still be free-of-charge.

Final details with a new registration format are almost done, and look for an update on January 15th with how to register for the 2011 event.

Talk to you then!

Reading and Carrying Cue Sheets

Reading and Carrying Cue Sheets

Reading Cue Sheets

Cue sheets are quite easy to read and use once you are acquainted with them. In an earlier post we shared an image of a typical cue sheet. On the left you will find cumulative mileage. On the right you will find information about the coming turn. The mileage and turn direction will be followed with information about the trail you are turning onto. Mileage is cumulative, not the distance between turns, but the distance from the start to the turn. When you finish one page you pull it out, stuff it in your jersey and move on to the next page.

Carrying Cue Sheets

Here is a simple example of a cue sheet holder. I’ve arrived at this iteration of carrying cue sheets after using several commercially available map holders of all shapes and sizes. This cue sheet holder works well for me, it is easy to make, and it is affordable. If you don’t want to make your own holder, this example might not be for you. There are many commercially available map holders that your local bike shop can access.

The base consists of a thin sheet of rigid plastic. I’ve cut it into a classic diamond kite like shape. Then I cut out a hole to fit it under my stem cap and four holes to zip-tie it to my handlebars. After securing it to my bicycle I simply super-glue a slide-lock Zip-loc freezer bag to the plastic sheet. It may look a little cheap, and it is, but this is the best functioning cue-sheet holder that I have discovered in the last few years racing self supported events.

Cue Sheet Holder.

The Slide-lock bag is key. It makes the cue sheets accessible while riding.

Cue Sheet Holder Attachment

I use thick foam tape under my holder to keep it flat and help secure it to the handlebar.

Cue Sheet Holder Attachment

The diamond shape maintains room for my knees while climbing and the top cap makes the holder plenty secure.

Cue Sheet Sample

For those of you that are nervous about navigating by Cue sheet, here is a sample of the one I have written. As you can see, if you can navigate the CAMBA system, and you have a bike computer, it should not be a problem. It is still recommended that you carry CAMBA maps with you.

Joe and I will have dinner (and a beer) at the Rivers Eatery in Cable, WI on Friday night. If you want to get your cue sheets early, come join us. More details on the time in tomorrow’s detail post.
Cue sheet sample:
13.6 Continue on Makwa Trail
16.0 CAUTION ROAD CROSSING (Mosquito Brook TH)
16.0 Enter Hatchery Creek Trail
16.2 Continue on Birkie Trail
16.3 Right on Hatchery Creek Trail (H26)
18.1 Continue on Hatchery Creek Trail (H23)
19.9 Hatchery Creek Trailhead
19.9 Head south on paved road
20.0 Enter Hatchery Creek Trail on Left by TH sign
22.5 Continue on Hatchery Creek Trail (H23)
23.8 Continue on Birkie Trail (H26)
23.9 Hard Right on Hatchery Creek Trail
24.0 Mosquito Brook Trail Head
24.0 Continue North on Birkie Trail
24.9 Continue on Birkie Trail (H1)
27.3 Continue on Birkie Trail (H6)
28.1 Turn Right on Gravel Pit Road (H7)
28.2 Left on Makwa Trail
29.2 Continue on Makwa Trail (H29)
30.6 Continue on Makwa Trail (S27)
33.7 Follow one way signs on Makwa
34.3 00 Trail Head
34.4 Continue North on Birkie Trail
35.0 Left turn on top of hill on Snowmobile trail

The Course is ready!

The Course is ready!

The course has been created, and is ready for distribution. I rode about half of it this weekend to check the various parts, and plot a few new little sections on the GPS.

Here are a few points about the course:
  • The GPX file should only be used as a guideline. I recorded some of the sections with a high sensitivity receiver, and then when I rode it with a lower sensitivity unit this weekend, there were a few spots it showed that I was off course, when in fact I was not. Even if you ride with GPS, still bring the Cue sheets and know how to use them.
  • The start is on Old 00, right by the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley, WI at 7 am. The finish is at the southernmost end of Northern Lights Road in Seeley.
  • The first 10 miles of the course will be going through a non-marked trail system that is built like a spider-web. Because of this, the first 10 miles will be marked with arrows. There will be no ribbons or closing of the wrong paths, just the arrows. Ride with your head up!
  • The course is 100.81 miles with about 10,000 feet of climbing.
  • The Cue sheets will be done by tonight, and a sample will posted for you to understand how they work. You will receive the full version on Friday night or Saturday morning when you sign the waiver.
  • For those of you that know the area, the general course is to start in Seeley, follow the Seeley Ski trails out to Thannum road, go east to the Birkie Trail, follow the Birkie trail south to the Gravel Pit, hop on Makwa south to Hatchery Creek, loop back north on Hatchery Creek, at Mosquito Brook hop on the Birkie Trail north to the Gravel Pit, at the Gravel Pit continue north on the new Makway to Highway 00, cross 00 on Birkie, then bail west to Janet Road, north to Boedecker, east to Telemark Road, north to Rock Lake road, 10 miles east to the Namekagon trail, follow portions of Namekagon on Patsy Lake to the Namekagon Town Hall, then continue back west on Namekagon trail to Rock Lake Trail, follow Rock Lake in the normal direction of travel through Hildebrand Lake section back to Rock Lake Road, follow Rock Lake road back west to a snowmobile trail, head north on the trail to a portion of the Esker trail, follow the Esker to Telemark Resort, continue through Telemark on Ojibwe trail, follow Ojibwe in the normal direction of travel south, cross Timber Trail and complete all singletrack south of Timber trail, when heading back north, head east on Timber Trail to Spider Lake Road, head south on Spider Lake road to Camp 38 road, head west on Camp 38 road to Randysek road, head south on Randysek to Boedecker, follow Boedecker west and south to Northern Lights, and finish on Northern Lights in Seeley. The cue sheets will contain greater detail of each turn, as well as the mileage of each turn and the Camba control number (ex N29) if applicable.
  • The large GPX file is 2.5MB, and some modern GPS can handle it. I will also break it down into 5, 20 mile sections of 500 points each for those with older Garmin units. Keep in mind, if you use the smaller files, they are even less reliable for navigation.
  • We have no problem with maps, we just don’t have the time to make them. If you wish to use maps, feel free to use the GPS file and/or the cue sheets to trace the route onto a map yourself. CAMBA maps are available at New Moon bike shop in Hayward, and if you are concerned about getting lost, you should bring some, as they will be helpful on finding your way out if you are lost.
  • Please keep in mind the self-supported ethos…. If you get lost, there is nobody to come get you. If you get tired, there is nobody to come get you. There is no emergency service out there. No matter what happens, you are responsible for you. You cannot ride this like a WORS or WEMS race, you must keep your head up, your wits sharp, and pay attention. Some of these trails have not been ridden much since last year, and we have not pre-ridden each piece. There may be sticks, logs, trees, missing signs, and other unknown things that could hurt you. Be ready for this and be prepared.
To access the GPX file, go to http://www.me.mtu.edu/~jpbialas/cheq100/the100v3.gpx. If you are having trouble with the download, read this: http://www.me.mtu.edu/~jpbialas/cheq100/. Thanks to rider James Bialas for hosting the file!

April 21st Update!: 250 Riders will start the Chequamegon 100.

Once again, time has flown by since our last update. In that time we have been busy preparing a proposal for the Forest Service to consider and waiting for their decision. Late last week we recieved a simple note on a small piece of yellow notebook paper. On that note was the one word that we’ve all been waiting for…Approved! After a weekend meeting with the CAMBA board of directors, Tim and I are excited to tell you that we have full approval to open the race to 250 riders! Thank you for your patience while we all awaited this important piece of news.

You will notice on the site that there is now a Roster page that has a list of all riders that were on the original roster and all riders that were on the wait list. We need action from you! If your name is on the roster and you will not be riding the 2010 Chequamegon 100 please contact us immediately. This helps us plan for the event and opens up spots on the roster for others. Thank you for letting us know if you will not be riding.

We have more important news for you!

There will be an announcement made soon about a Post Race Party. When we started Chequamegon 100 seeking out sponsorship for the event was not on our list of to do’s. We are humbled by the support from riders and business’. Several business’ have approached us about sponsoring the Chequamegon 100 and we are finding ways to make that happen. Look for an announcement about the post race party. There will be prizes given out to randomly drawn names. You’ll have to be there to get in on the action. This will happen Saturday night after the race.

The course is being finalized and we will have two options for navigation, Cue Sheets or downloadable GPS files. The course will not be marked with ribbons, arrows, paper plates, etc… It is critical for you to be aware of this. If you are expecting a marked course you will be disappointed. We will also provide a stack of CAMBA trail maps for those who wish to carry them as a back up. Cue Sheets and Maps will be available at the start line!

We have mentioned this every time an update has been sent just to make sure you know what you are getting into. Chequamegon 100 is a self supported race. You are responsible for you! There will be no court marshal, there will be no course sweep, there will be nobody out there. Of course, there will be other racers out there and we ask that you look out for each other. If a racer is in need, take care of them. Do not leave other racers stranded for any reason. No outside support is allowed, unless you are dropping the race. As always, if you have questions, now is the time to ask.

I hate to be verbose on the self supported nature of the event, but it needs to be said. This is going to be a fun and challenging ride for all of us. If we aren’t going out there for fun, then why are we going out there? There are no prizes at the end, just good stories and a few scrapes and bruises to share.

We are looking forward to seeing you in May! Until then, get on your bike and ride. This weekend TK & I will be taking place in TransIowa V6. Coverage is slim, but what does come through adds to the mystique of the event. Check it out when you get a chance and send good vibes to all of the participants.

Thank You.


March 23, 2010

Our last update was on February 14th. Well over a month ago. We’re sorry about that delay folks. Let’s get to the information.

Waiting List: This is an important issue! There are 150 of you on that list. The outlook from the Forest Service in Hayward is good. On April 7th they are holding a meeting where they will review and approve/deny our permit for use of the trails. Until we hear from the Forest Service we will not release the waiting list.

Tim and I are learning in our first year of the Chequamegon 100. The learning curve has been steep and the support and interest in the event overwhelming. It caught us off guard honestly. So we’ve had to take some steps to correct that. Now we know what demand looks like for the event and can plan accordingly.

Thank you for being patient with us on the waiting list question!

Behind the scenes Tim has been working on the race course. He submitted draft for the course with application to the Forest Service. The route will be posted the monday before the race for download in a .gpx format or in good old paper. Navigation is going to be critical for racers. It is part of the challenge of the event. The paper version will include cue sheets and a visual map for use. The cue sheets will call out all turns.

This isn’t a typical XC race. There will be no taped off race corridor like you may be used to. Plan for this element of the event… Which brings us to our next topic.

Self Support: We haven’t got many questions about self support. This tells me one of two things: you either get it, or you don’t and haven’t asked. My hope is that you get it and are planning for it. If you have not thought about the self supported aspect of the event, now is the time to do so. Here’s a few details:

  • There will be no aid stations – There will be 1 water refill station on the route that you can use to fill up. You will be required to carry all nutrition.
  • Outside support is not allowed – No drop bags, and no hand ups. Your friends and family are welcome to heckle you along the course however.

If you are at all concerned about navigation or self support we encourage you to post on our Facebook page for discussion with other participants. This will be a good way to learn from others and provide constructive feedback to us.

We hope your planning for Chequamegon 100 is progressing well. The weekend rides are picking up here in the metro as the roads have cleared up. Remember, If you have had a change of plans and will not make it to Chequamegon 100, please let us know. This gives others a chance at the event and helps us plan.

Thank You


Update 02-14-10

Valentine’s day. We hope you are all relaxing with your sweetheart.

Down to business:

  • The waiting list will close at 150 riders! This is new and folks have slowly trickled in. We are up to 120 on the waiting list. You have all shown that there is tremendous interest in the Chequamegon 100! Tim has expressed it before, but you should all read it again, we are surprised and humbled by the response Chequamegon 100 has recieved.
  • The proposed expansion of the rider field. We have got response both ways for and against expansion of the rider field. We have been working behind the scenes, but there is nothing to report as of yet. Last week I spoke with the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce and The National Park Service. Before we are ready to announce expansion we must obtain a permit with The National Park Service. Chequamegon 100 wants to be good stewards to the community and the land. Hold tight, cross your fingers, and keep training… expansion news will come.
  • A new update corner: Chequamegon 100 reminders and tips! We’ve kept the rules for Chequamegon 100 simple. As we get closer to the event there will be questions and clarity needed. There is one Golden Rule you need to remember; You are responsible for you! There will be water stops along the route, but there will not be any aid stations. There will be no drop bags and family/friends will not be allowed to provide hand-ups along the route. You should not be scared by this, you should be prepared! If you have questions, post them on our Facebook page for discussion. Your fellow riders have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
  • Finally, a reminders; Dropouts. With the race being free this gives very little responsibility to the rider… There’s no chips on the table, so to speak. If you will be dropping, please send an e-mail and let us know. This gives others a chance to race!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the snow while dreaming of warmer days to come!

Thank You

Tim & Joe

Update 2-6-10

Hello good riding friends –
I gotta say, we are impressed by the response to this event. When Joe and I were talking about this a few months back, we had visions of maybe riding with 30 folks or so. We decided to cap it at 100 for the sake of the name. Now, look where we are!
I want you to know, that we hear you all in your enthusiasm to race. We want to allow the waiting list of 65 people to race! But please give us another week to make sure that we can logistically pull that off, and then we will make an announcement if we are able to add any additional spots to the roster. There have been some interesting pleas for an entry from “I’ll give you $50” to “auction an entry and give the proceeds to the trails”.
We also know that with a race of this difficulty, and with the entry being free, that we will have a reasonable amount of people drop out before the event. We already had our first, and our first wait list person was moved to the roster. Congrats to Chuck! So if you have to drop out, that is fine, just let us know so we can keep the wait list and roster current.
We will keep you up to date on the course, logistics, camping/lodging and other details as we plan them. Please consider joining ourFacebook group or joining as a follower of the blog to be notified as soon as updates are posted.
Finally, while we are doing this event free of charge, it is only possible thanks to the great trailbuilders of CAMBA who have installed all this great singletrack over the past 4 years. After the race, we will pass a hat for donations to their Trail Fund, which will go directly to creation of even more great singletrack. Maybe someday we can do this event on 100 miles of 100% singletrack. Oh, the bliss….
Thanks again,


Only 10 hours in at 11:32P.M., we have filled the 100 rider roster. Wow. Thank you so much, I can say for JM and I, that we are humbled and impressed by the amount of folks that want to come ride bikes with us.

If you still want in, please still email us. There will be dropouts, and we will keep a waiting list. On May 22nd, we will start 100 people, guaranteed. And if you find out you cannot make it, please be courteous and let us know so we can pass the spot to someone else. We will “solidify” the roster sometime in late April or early May.
Thanks all!



The course will be consisting of singletrack, doubletrack and fire road over all 4 major trail areas of the CAMBA system, Hayward, Cable, Rock Lake and Namakagon. While it is not yet finalized, it will consist of at least 70, and maybe up to 85 miles of singletrack, while not lapping over the same piece again and again. And of course, it will be 100 miles in total. With over 300 miles of trail to choose from (see graphic), there is a lot to ride, and the route will only be finalized and issued the Monday before race day. It will be issued in GPX, map and cue sheet formats, you pick your favorite.