Registration is full!

We continue to be amazed at the support for the Chequamegon 100 and how quickly the event fills as a result!  In just 12 hours we had 200 entrants and the remaining 50 positions were filled in the next 24 hours.

IMBA is tallying the results and determining how much you, the riders, have raised for IMBA and CAMBA respectively.  I will say that they could not be more excited!  Look for more on IMBA/CAMBA’s involvement soon, including an announcement about what you have contributed collectively.

For those that were not able to register for the event.  Please, Please, Please e-mail us and let us know of you interest.  It is unlikely that we will open additional spots in the event, but this gives us valuable information to understand how many riders the event could grow to. 

The Chequamegon 100 will always remain exclusive in the sense that it would diminish the rider experience and potentially cause damage to the trails if we tried to send too many riders through the singletrack in one day.  We are looking for ways to expand participation while maintaining the ride experience and sustainability of the event for trails and organization.  If you have ideas, please share them with us!

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you for your donation to CAMBA and IMBA.  Without your participation the Chequamegon 100 would not exist.  Thank you for coming for the first time and coming back year after year.  Thank you to Salsa Cycles and Milltown Cycles for being our title sponsors.  Thank you Twin Six for supporting us.  Thank you to all of the partners in the Chequamegon region. 


The 2013 Chequamegon 100 registration is Live!

We are proud to announce the 4th annual running of the Chequamegon 100: presented by Salsa Cycles and Milltown Cycles!  
Our mission for the Chequamegon 100 is to provide a premier event for riders that want to challenge themselves on the mountain bike trails in the Chequamegon National Forest and surrounding region.  In addition, we want to make sure that the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association(CAMBA) is recognized and rewarded for the work that they do maintaining and building new trails and the communities in the region experience the economic impact of mountain bike tourism.  
This year I am excited to announce that we are partnering with the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association and the International Mountain Bike Association.  Every rider that registers for the Chequamegon 100 or Chequamegon Metric 100 will be making a donation to CAMBA/IMBA.  Your donation goes directly to supporting the organizations that build trails!
  • 30 dollar donation level provides entry to the Metric 100
  • 55 dollar donation level provides entry to the Chequamegon 100
  • Donations go directly to CAMBA/IMBA to sustain and develop trails
We are excited to be partnering with these two organizations and giving back to the organizations that continue to make the Chequamegon 100 possible.
100% of the operating costs for the Chequamegon 100 come from donations from our sponsors.  This year Salsa Cycles and Milltown Cycles have signed on as our title sponsors!  In doing so they have provided us with the means to support and develop the Chequamegon 100.  
Our supporting sponsor this year is Twin Six.  
Our partners for the event this year are Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association, International Mountain Bike Association, Lakewoods Resort, The River’s Eatery, RJF Insurance, Chequamegon National Forest – Hayward, WI/US Forest Service, and Cable Area Chamber of Commerce
Now for all of the details regarding registration for the 4th annual Chequamegon 100: presented by Salsa Cycles and Milltown Cycles.
Registration begins on March 1st, 2013 @ 9am CST, That is today!

To register click on the link below.  You will be redirected to a secure IMBA managed site to register and donate:

  • Riders will not be required to mail in postcards
  • There will be an e-mail that will serve as your confirmation of entry into the event
  • When the event reaches 250 total riders registration will be closed
  • If we do not reach 250 riders registration will close on April 1st, 2013
  • There will be no entry after April 1st 
  • We will not be maintaining a reserve list for the event.  

Event Dates: June 21st-23rd
Race Day: June 22nd, 2013
250 total riders for both events
100 mile and 100km(60mile) options
For more information see race details 

We are excited about the changes to this years event and look forward to an incredible event this year with more riders, more singletrack, and the opportunity to give back!

Thank You


Chequamegon 100 Results

Lalonde, Mark madison, wi 29 Male Chequamegon 100 8:17
Falkowski, Jonathan lakeville MN 30 Male Chequamegon 100 8:38 Singlespeed
Thoele, Owen Minneapolis/MN 33 Male Chequamegon 100 8:38 Singlespeed
Horkey, Ryan Minneapolis, MN 38 Male Chequamegon 100 8:39
Wegener, Randy Plymouth,WI 41 Male Chequamegon 100 8:47
Olson, Trevor rochester mn 38 Male Chequamegon 100 8:50
Krueger, Casey Aurora, MN 28 Male Chequamegon 100 9:01 Singlespeed
Curtes, Mike Mequon, WI 46 Male Chequamegon 100 9:01
McFadden, Todd Duluth, MN 48 Male Chequamegon 100 9:09
Ryan, Matthew Duluth, MN 37 Male Chequamegon 100 9:18
Blackford, Rick Des Moines, IA 34 Male Chequamegon 100 9:21 Singlespeed
Sauber, Larry Hudson, WI 43 Male Chequamegon 100 9:22
Barrett, Josh Whitewater, WI 40 Male Chequamegon 100 9:22
Schroden, Mike St. Cloud, MN 31 Male Chequamegon 100 9:31
Doom, Ben St. Cloud, MN 36 Male Chequamegon 100 9:31
Bednarski, Piotr Minneapolis, MN 45 Male Chequamegon 100 9:37
Lytle, Richard Port Washington, WI 38 Male Chequamegon 100 9:42
Andrew, Timothy Duluth 46 Male Chequamegon 100 9:45
Mailen, Sean Minneapolis 27 Male Chequamegon 100 9:46
Braun, Matt Madison 29 Male Chequamegon 100 9:46
Fitch, Michael Maple Grove MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 9:55
Haag, Mike duluth, MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 9:57 Singlespeed
Pattison, Gregg Neenah, wi 50 Male Chequamegon 100 10:01
Adams, Kent sarona wi 52 Male Chequamegon 100 10:02
Cline, Curt Washburn, WI 39 Male Chequamegon 100 10:02
Bass, BJ Madison, WI 29 Male Chequamegon 100 10:04
Nelson, Bruce ELDRIDGE 58 Male Chequamegon 100 10:12
Swenka, Ben Houlton/WI 39 Male Chequamegon 100 10:12
Braun, Travis Madison 26 Male Chequamegon 100 10:14
Nesvold, Scott Washburn 44 Male Chequamegon 100 10:16
Yore, Steve Golden Valley 43 Male Chequamegon 100 10:20
Ellerkamp, Dan Madison, WI 29 Male Chequamegon 100 10:20
Johnson, Mike Cedar Falls, Iowa 37 Male Chequamegon 100 10:30
Koski, Peter Crystal, MN 32 Male Chequamegon 100 10:32
Ek, Tim Duluth, Mn 43 Male Chequamegon 100 10:34
Lapinski, Tom minneapolis,Minnesota 42 Male Chequamegon 100 10:36
Sympson, Jeff Rockford, IL. 49 Male Chequamegon 100 10:38
Carpenter, Bob L’Anse, Michigan 60 Male Chequamegon 100 10:43 Singlespeed
Watson, Abby Madison, Wi 28 Female Chequamegon 100 10:45
Goetzelman, Steve Iowa City 39 Male Chequamegon 100 10:59
Jones, Greg Milwaukee, WI 45 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Alexander, Wallace Mpls, MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Stone, Tim Minneapolis, MN 35 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Greenwood, Jeff Rice Lake, WI 29 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Thornquest, Thomas golden valley, mn 49 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Nestande, Mark monona 41 Male Chequamegon 100 11:01
Gaikowski, Jason Apple Valley, MN 42 Male Chequamegon 100 11:05
Oney, Ben Minneapolis, MN 27 Male Chequamegon 100 11:06
Welnak, Tyler Oconomowoc, WI 31 Male Chequamegon 100 11:06
Friedell, Jon Minnetonka, MN 45 Male Chequamegon 100 11:11
MacDonald, Tom Minneapolis, MN 46 Male Chequamegon 100 11:11
Doloto, Rafal Omaha, NE 34 Male Chequamegon 100 11:13
Anderson, Shaun Brainerd,MN 33 Male Chequamegon 100 11:15
Geshel, Brian Marquette, MI 30 Male Chequamegon 100 11:17
Constant, Mike champlin 44 Male Chequamegon 100 11:23
Rogowski, Ben Minneapolis 38 Male Chequamegon 100 11:27
Wolf, Jason Minneapolis, MN 39 Male Chequamegon 100 11:27
Walls, Rick Brookfield, wi 39 Male Chequamegon 100 11:30
Olson, Eric Duluth/MN 36 Male Chequamegon 100 11:33
Carlson. Mick apple valley, MN 41 Male Chequamegon 100 11:45
Herrmann, Robert Minneapolis,mn 45 Male Chequamegon 100 11:45
Bucholz, Dave St Paul, MN 48 Male Chequamegon 100 11:45
Buhr, Barry Duluth, MN 33 Male Chequamegon 100 11:47
Versteegh, Rob ankeny, Iowa 38 Male Chequamegon 100 11:50
Sedore, Kyle des moines, ia 36 Male Chequamegon 100 11:50
Flanagan-Haag, Michelle duluth, MN 47 Female Chequamegon 100 11:52
James, Aaron Minneapolis, MN 31 Male Chequamegon 100 11:54
Hill, Danny Ishpeming, Mi 52 Male Chequamegon 100 11:55 Singlespeed
Paulsen, Erik Excelsior, Mn 42 Male Chequamegon 100 11:58
Ebbe, Kyle Platteville, WI 28 Male Chequamegon 100 11:59
Quinn, Tom Jordan, MN 52 Male Chequamegon 100 11:59
Reyerson, Jesse Male Chequamegon 100 12:00
Weispfenning, Mike Washburn, WI 33 Male Chequamegon 100 12:00
Jacobson, Kyle Milwaukee/Wi 29 Male Chequamegon 100 12:03
Van Ryswyk, Jeremie MN 37 Male Chequamegon 100 12:07
Czechanski, Andrew Apple Valley, MN 29 Male Chequamegon 100 12:08
Nickles, Ray Maplewood,MN 30 Male Chequamegon 100 12:08
Bruns, Mitchel Otsego / MN 30 Male Chequamegon 100 12:10
Miller, Lianna Colorado Springs, CO 30 Female Chequamegon 100 12:13
Schick, Richard Madison, WI 32 Male Chequamegon 100 12:15
Barre, Jay Woodstock, IL 26 Male Chequamegon 100 12:16
Fuller, Steve Johnston 42 Male Chequamegon 100 12:20
Wright, Jerry Hayward WI 56 Male Chequamegon 100 12:24
Carroll, Paul Eden Prairie / MN 42 Male Chequamegon 100 12:25
Lemery, Ross Galena IL 42 Male Chequamegon 100 12:30
Kurth, John Duluth, MN 45 Male Chequamegon 100 12:43
Giddings, Jason Duluth/MN 37 Male Chequamegon 100 12:43
Bilek, Jerry Northfield, MN 45 Male Chequamegon 100 12:51
McCauley, Dean Ely,MN 51 Male Chequamegon 100 12:51
Wistrcill, Dan Minneapolis, MN 44 Male Chequamegon 100 12:51
Jeske, Steve Belgium 45 Male Chequamegon 100 13:21
Nelson, Joe 27 Male Chequamegon 100 13:30
Dalgaard, Erik Champlin, MN 48 Male Chequamegon 100 13:46
Scharping, Kelly Bozeman/MT 42 Male Chequamegon 100 14:24
Stumvoll, Rori Nisswa, MN 33 Male Chequamegon 100 14:48
Matthews, Bob Indianola, IA 49 Male Chequamegon 100 15:00
Sumpter, Scott Ankeny, IA 44 Male Chequamegon 100 15:00
Tuma, Robert Prior Lake, MN 38 Chequamegon 100 15:00
Roytek, Kevin Chippewa Falls, WI 37 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Harwood, Bryan Minneapolis, MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Karjala, Kent Bloomington, MN 45 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Barnidge, Mike Apple Valley, MN 33 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Abrams, David Seattle, WA 30 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Karow, Eddie St. Paul, MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Lee, Jin Duluth, MN 41 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Peterson, Aaron Minneapolis, MN 31 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Cohen, Andrea 23 Female Chequamegon 100 DNF Tandem
Grelk, Dennis donnellson, ia 33 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF Tandem
Szczodroski, Stephen Burnsville, MN 29 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Smith, Karl little falls, MN 42 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Kostner, Tim Houghton, MI 30 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Million, Porter Chaska, MN 30 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Tri, Charley Rochester, MN 34 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Swank, Adam Duluth, MN Chequamegon 100 DNF
Belz, Rob Afton/MN 47 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Callaway, Bob Westby, WI 43 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Carter, Ted Apple Valley Mn 39 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Cole, Brad Burnsville MN 49 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Ellis, John St Paul, MN 44 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Farrow, Charlie Duluth/MN 52 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Fiske, Richard Shakopee/MN 41 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Gaines, Jason Minneapolis, MN 40 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Goulet, Scott AMERY/WI 42 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Grimes, Peter Frederic, WI 45 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Hellweg, Brian Des Plaines, IL 51 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Hofmann, Rob Brookfield/WI 48 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Hoglund, Dave Champlin, MN 51 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Johnson, Alan madison, wi 41 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Knutowski, Ron Cross Plains WI 34 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Kowaliw, Mark minneapolis/mn 55 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Larson, Todd Minneapolis, MN 37 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
McFadden, Diana Duluth, MN 42 Female Chequamegon 100 DNF
Mueller, Bob Plymouth/MN 50 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Ogren, Rob Bloomington, MN 63 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Powers, Jason M. Iowa City 39 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Puissant, Madeleine Milwaukee/Wi 27 Female Chequamegon 100 DNF
Russell, Corey Marine on St. Croix 29 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Statz, Nicholis Pillager/Mn 33 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Swenson, Brett St. Paul / MN 29 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Tavela, Dan Franklin/WI. 41 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Tripp, Aaron Spooner, WI 30 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Walters, Rob tripoli ia 38 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Weisbrod, Heath Saint Louis Park 45 Male Chequamegon 100 DNF
Guy, Ryan Brooklyn Park, MN 36

Metric 100 Results

Wilson, Drew Rochester, MN 29 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:36
Malanaphy, Maury Hudson, WI 45 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:40
Peterson, Josh Burnsville, MN 37 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:46
Engen, Mark Winona/MN 51 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:49
Jackson, Jeff Hayward, WI 48 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:57 Singlespeed
Fitzgerald, Ryan Roberts, WI 33 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 5:58
Rodberg, Bart Duluth, MN 40 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:00
Meiser, Joseph Minneapolis, MN 32 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:02
Klohn, Chris Stillwater, MN 47 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:11
Dale, Matt Cable, WI 45 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:16
Mohwinkle, Jason Plymouth MN 40 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:21
Engen, Matt Fargo, ND 43 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:32
Oleson, Reece Jordan, MN 17 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:33
Huot, Jacob Red Wing 26 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:46
Nichols, Joel Stillwater, MN 55082 45 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 6:54
Samide, Ray Eden Prairie 53 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:02
Krueger, Jenna Aurora, MN 27 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:08
Olson, Karlene Rochester, MN 37 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:08
Ellis, Scot Sun Prairie, WI 41 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:13
Buelow, Brian Winona, MN 43 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:18
Ness, Jason Victoria, MN 37 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:24
Last, Kevin Oregon, WI 30 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:32
Woolever, Nate Mount Horeb, WI 37 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:35
Earle, Greg Whitewater, WI 43 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:36
Parman, Mark wausau, WI 49 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:43
Parman, Susan wausau, WI 46 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:43
Scotch, Mark plover, WI 56 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:45
Nelson, Tim Baxter, MN 40 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 7:46
Larson, Mara Saint Paul, MN 38 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:11
Leuthner, Charlie Victoria Mn 55 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:21
Kinnaman, Alan madison wi 49 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:24
Bisso, Jeff Minnetonka, MN 44 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:25
Bisso, Sara Minnetonka, MN 41 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:25
Roberts, Andrea Rhinelander, WI 37 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:37 Singlespeed
Marx, Larry SHOREVIEW, MN 62 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 8:52
Wolf, Keith wauwatosa wisconsin 48 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 9:11
Fritz, Kevin rockford / IL 26 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 9:47
Pink, Victoria Brookfield, WI 43 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) 10:03
Snudden, Geoff Green Bay, WI 40 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 10:42
MacNaughton, Don Circle Pines, MN 37 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) 10:47
Dunaway, Lori New Hope, MN. 57 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
Dunaway, Tom New Hope, MN. 64 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
Fritz, Bruce lancaster/wi 57 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
Hofmann, Candy Brookfield/WI 45 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
O’Brien, Brendon Minneapolis, MN 35 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
Parman, Matt Colfax, IA 51 Male Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF
Thompson, Katie River Falls WI 26 Female Metric 100 (62 miles) DNF

Thank you

Thank you everyone for a great weekend, thank you for coming.

I have had great reports from local businesses about the courteousness of our group, good job keeping them happy about having us up there.

And we decided to plan ahead this year.  June 22nd, 2013.  Mark it down, you are going to want to do 100 miles again, we know it.

Its On

Oh, and for those wondering from far away – the race is on, rain or shine.

If you are having trouble getting the files for GPX (sorry Mac users….), try this direct link to the Dropbox folder contained in them.

100 Course is finished

100 Course is finished

The 100 course is finished.

It follows the 62 course exactly.  However, at the turn from Janet Road to Seeley Pass, you will do the following:

Head South on Seeley Pass (62 racers will go North)
Cross Highway 00, and go onto Makwa Trail
Makwa Trail all the way to Mosquito Brook TH
Ride Hatchery Trail (one way)
Bag drop/Rest stop at Hatchery Creek Park
Ride remainder of Hatchery Trail to Mosquito Brook TH,
Cross Mosquito Brook Road into the Birkie Trail
Ride Birkie Trail all the way to Highway 00
Cross Highway 00, ride small section of Birkie to Snowmobile trail, go left on trail back to Janet Road
At Janet Road, go into Seeley Pass (North), and complete the remainder of the 62 course.
Finish in Cable at Rivers Eatery.

A few things to keep in mind this year.  There is water at the Highway 00 trailhead, and at Hatchery Creek Park.  Your single bag drop will be at Hatchery Creek Park, but its place in the race is around mile 61 now, not halfway.  Be ready for that.

GPX is at   Right click, save as to get the link to work.


The 62 Course is finished!  It comes to exactly 61.58 miles, and takes the following path –

  • Start at Lakewoods Resort
  • Rock Lake Road to N29
  • Rock Lake Trail
  • Patsy Lake Trail
  • Namekagon Trail
  • Rock Lake Trail
  • Hildebrand Lake Trail
  • Rock Lake Road
  • CAORC Course
  • Esker Trail
  • Telemark Road
  • Boedecker Road
  • Janet Road
  • Seeley Pass Trail
  • Winding Pine Trail
  • Randysek Road
  • Timber Trail
  • Ojibwe Trail
  • Randysek Road
  • Finish at Rivers Eatery in Cable
The GPX File can be found at  Right Click the link and “Save As”
Detailed cue sheets that use CAMBA marker points will be handed out at the Friday night dinner.  Intersections will be marked with ground paint.  

Race Info

Race Info

To start the information dump for this years event, I want to recognize the people that continue to make this event possible.  When we started with 100 people the first year, it was easy to make it an underground event.  But with the continued popularity, and our continued mission to offer the event free of charge, we needed help. With 250 people this year, the risk was larger, and we felt the need to take out event insurance, which can cost a significant amount.  

Stepping up to the challenge were Salsa Cycles and Milltown Cycles.  Salsa is a great bicycle and parts company based out of Bloomington, MN, who believe in Adventure by Bike.  Their mission aligns our self-supporting intent of the event, and they live and breathe what they talk about.  Milltown Cycles is a great bike shop in Faribault, MN that coincidentally is a Salsa dealer, and a great resource for people looking to outfit themselves for the bigger adventures.  

These two companies kicked in the money we needed to pay for the event insurance.  Their generosity is literally the reason we were able to expand the rider field this year, and it is the reason we are able to keep this event free.  Additionally, they will each have staff members up and present for the 100 weekend, helping support the event logistics, and insuring that you have a great day on the singletrack.  

Please, please, please, if you enjoy our event, please support them, or at the very least thank them for this great contribution that continues to allow us this free event.  In a day and age when 100 mile events cost $200 per participant, it is great companies like these that make us proud and unique.  

And of course – our hosting sponsor Lakewoods continued to step up for the second year, offering discounted lodging to participants and giving (for free) us a place to operate the event out of.  When you are at Lakewoods on the race weekend, please thank them for supporting us.

Now – onto the race day.  For our third year, we will again change it up a little bit.  Here are the plans – 

  • The race will not start and finish at the same point this year.  We will start on Rock Lake Road just across Hwy M at 7a.m, just like last year.  The 62 mile will start at 7:15.  
  • The race will finish at the North End Trail Cabin on Randysek Road, just outside of Cable.  You will then spin down your legs by riding Randysek into Cable directly to the after-party at Rivers Eatery in Cable
  • Rivers Eatery will have a full menu and beer/wine for sale.  
  • There is no transportation back to Lakewoods – plan accordingly.  The distance is 8 miles.  Do not even think about riding it after dark.
  • There will be one drop bag allowed – and the drop site will be Hatchery Creek again this year.  Water is available at Hatchery Creek.  Please be aware – Hatchery Creek is more than halfway through the course this year, it is closer to mile 60 now.  
  • There will be no drop site for the 62 mile course, and there is no water available on the course.  Plan accordingly.  
  • GPS Track files and navigation sheets will be distributed (electronically) this coming week.  
  • The course will be marked, but not closed, and not perfect.  You must still carry one of the alternate navigation methods (GPS or nav sheets), and ride with your head up, be aware of your surroundings, and be self-reliant if you get lost.  You must also be aware that vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, ATVs and non-racing cyclists may be anywhere on the course.  
  • A waiver will be posted, and you should print it and bring a signed copy.  You can turn this in either Friday night at the dinner, or Saturday morning before 6:45.  We will be providing a marking method when you turn in your waiver that must be displayed on your bike, and we will be pulling people from the event if they are not marked properly.  
  • Thanks to CAMBA – there is now 6 additional miles of new singletrack this year.  
  • Please keep in mind the self-supported ethos…. If you get lost, there is nobody to come get you. If you get tired, there is nobody to come get you. There is no emergency service out there. No matter what happens, you are responsible for you. You cannot ride this like a WORS or WEMS race, you must keep your head up, your wits sharp, and pay attention. Some of these trails have not been ridden much since last year, and we have not pre-ridden each piece. There may be sticks, logs, trees, missing signs, and other unknown things that could hurt you. Be ready for this and be prepared.