2014 Results!

First off, a big THANK-YOU to all who threw their hats into the ring; we had our biggest field yet with 229 riders! For those who enjoy statistics, there were 111 Metric riders (21 of who are female) and 118 100-miler participants (4 females).

I have compiled our super accurate results; please let me know if I have excluded you/misspelled your name/made you faster or slower than you are/etc.; I have caught a few of my own errors already!  I also included the no shows who were on the roster.  Even though they didn’t ride, their generous donation to CAMBA should be acknowledged.

Read ’em and weep… 

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2014 Roster (updated 6/9/2014)

First off, thanks for all your patience while we finished hammering out this roster!  We decided to open up our wait list last week to allow some additional folks to try their hand at the event.  If you notice your name is in bold, it means we still need to collect your race donation to CAMBA ($30 for the Metric, $55 for the 100).  There will be a representative on hand for the pre-race meeting at Lakewoods Resort on June 20th.  If you’re unable to attend the meeting, please have your donation ready to give to Tim’s wife, Odia, when you sign your waiver on Saturday morning.

Drum roll, please…
Agena Sarah Metric 100
Amo Bryon Metric 100
Anderson Shaun Metric 100
Andrew Tim Metric 100
Baker Ryan Metric 100
Barnes Brian Metric 100
Barnes Tj Metric 100
Bartels Jeff Metric 100
Bartlam Dee Metric 100
Baryenbruch Scott Metric 100
Bauerly Jeff Metric 100
Becher Dan Metric 100
Bernard Russell Metric 100
Bianchi Keith Metric 100
Bogdanske John Metric 100
Bruns Mitchel Metric 100
Buelow Brian Metric 100
Bujold Sean Metric 100
Carlson Wade Metric 100
Cary Neil Metric 100
Chaffe Andrew Metric 100
Child Mark Metric 100
Cohen Andrea Metric 100
Cole Scott Metric 100
Czechanski Andy Metric 100
Dale Matt Metric 100
Davis Arin Metric 100
Denny Nathan Metric 100
Donovan Nelson Metric 100
Engel Steve Metric 100
Fish Dave Metric 100
Flanagan-Haag Michelle Metric 100
Ford Christine Metric 100
Frazier Bryan Metric 100
Gammell Jed Metric 100
Grimes Peter Metric 100
Gross Gary Metric 100
Haack Greg Metric 100
Haag Mike Metric 100
Hagenbuch Ethan Metric 100
Hamer Pete Metric 100
Hansen Scott Metric 100
Harstedt Scott Metric 100
Hayden Brian Metric 100
Hayden Samuel Metric 100
Hayden Levi Metric 100
Hellweg Brian Metric 100
Hofmann Candy Metric 100
Hofmann Rob Metric 100
Hollaren Bart Metric 100
Hyma Jeff Metric 100
Ibrahimpašić Emir Metric 100
James Aaron Metric 100
Johnson Aaron Metric 100
Kapaun Steve Metric 100
Knutowski Ron Metric 100
Kohl Jessica Metric 100
Kohner Peter Metric 100
Kohner Casey Metric 100
Krayer Lisa Metric 100
Krayer Ryan Metric 100
Krueger Tim Metric 100
Langland Verlon Metric 100
Larson Mara Metric 100
Larson Marty Metric 100
Last Heather Metric 100
Last Kevin Metric 100
Lawrence Troy Metric 100
Lee Jin Metric 100
Loosen Ted Metric 100
Lueth Shawn Metric 100
MacPhail Jeff Metric 100
Manson Carey Metric 100
Marx Lawrence Metric 100
McCloud Dave Metric 100
McColgan Michael  Metric 100
McFadden Todd Metric 100
McFadden Diana Metric 100
Million Porter Metric 100
Mork Jason Metric 100
Munger Diana Metric 100
Myslivecek Griffin Metric 100
Nelson Alex Metric 100
Ness Jason Metric 100
Olson Katie Metric 100
Olson Karlene Metric 100
Orlikowski Bob Metric 100
Orlikowski John Metric 100
Parman Matt Metric 100
Parman Mark Metric 100
Peariso Michelle Metric 100
Peariso Chris Metric 100
Penman Terry Metric 100
Perez Jose Metric 100
Pink Victoria Metric 100
Schindel Mark Metric 100
Schmitt Pamela Metric 100
Schult Amber Metric 100
Selbig Bill Metric 100
St. Pierre Sam Metric 100
Stammer Jodi Metric 100
Stammer Scott Metric 100
Stanton Frank Metric 100
Statz Nicholis Metric 100
Staufenberg Adam Metric 100
Stumvoll Rori Metric 100
Styer Bill Metric 100
Swenson Brett Metric 100
Sylvester Matt Metric 100
Sympson Jeff Metric 100
Szczodroski Steve Metric 100
Thompson Katie Metric 100
Tuma Robert Metric 100
Urban Rick Metric 100
Velo Jana Metric 100
Velo Phillip Metric 100
Warren Chad Metric 100
Welle Kristi Metric 100
Weyrens Jeff Metric 100
Wilcox Cameron Metric 100
Wolf Meredith Metric 100
Woolever Nathan  Metric 100
Yore Steven Metric 100
Alexander Eric Chequamegon 100
Alexander Beckie Chequamegon 100
Alexander Wallace Chequamegon 100
Ament Chad Chequamegon 100
Barden Jen Chequamegon 100
Barden Gary Chequamegon 100
Bartachek Darin Chequamegon 100
Barth Scott Chequamegon 100
Bednarski Piotr Chequamegon 100
Benton Joel Chequamegon 100
Bruns Micah Chequamegon 100
Buer Nicolas Chequamegon 100
Buhr Barry Chequamegon 100
Camp Tom Chequamegon 100
Carlton Philip Chequamegon 100
Carpenter Bob Chequamegon 100
Carpenter Tom Chequamegon 100
Carroll Paul Chequamegon 100
Cioppa Jennifer Chequamegon 100
Cline Curt Chequamegon 100
Cluse Herman Chequamegon 100
Colbert Jeff Chequamegon 100
Constant Mike Chequamegon 100
Cooney Ron Chequamegon 100
Cox Benjamin Chequamegon 100
Curtes Mike Chequamegon 100
D Jack Chequamegon 100
DeYoe Tostin Chequamegon 100
Farber David Chequamegon 100
Farrow Charlie Chequamegon 100
Fleagle Steve Chequamegon 100
Flisram Wade Chequamegon 100
Fort Tyler Chequamegon 100
Friedell Jon Chequamegon 100
Fry Steve Chequamegon 100
Funke Dan Chequamegon 100
Gaikowski Jason Chequamegon 100
Goetzelman Steve Chequamegon 100
Grelk Dennis Chequamegon 100
Guse Eric Chequamegon 100
Hagstrom Judson Chequamegon 100
Hanson Brian Chequamegon 100
Hanson Ashley Chequamegon 100
Hanssen Nate Chequamegon 100
Hegge Brian Chequamegon 100
Hicks Nathan Chequamegon 100
Hill Danny Chequamegon 100
Hill Dave Chequamegon 100
Hill Kent Chequamegon 100
Holey Garrick Chequamegon 100
Horkey Ryan Chequamegon 100
Houlihan Rob Chequamegon 100
Hunt Benton  Chequamegon 100
Jensen Christopher Chequamegon 100
Jones Steve Chequamegon 100
Jones Greg Chequamegon 100
Kapanke Tom Chequamegon 100
Karow Eddie Chequamegon 100
Kauth James Chequamegon 100
Kjeer Joe Chequamegon 100
Kohl Rob Chequamegon 100
Koski Pete Chequamegon 100
Krueger Casey Chequamegon 100
Krueger Ryan Chequamegon 100
Kvalsten Keven Chequamegon 100
LaLonde Mark Chequamegon 100
Larson Todd  Chequamegon 100
Leisz Nick Chequamegon 100
Lerlie Glen Chequamegon 100
Lillie Nathan Chequamegon 100
Lockhart Fiona Chequamegon 100
Luebke Dan Chequamegon 100
Lundsten Roger  Chequamegon 100
Lytle Richard Chequamegon 100
MacDonald Tom Chequamegon 100
Meiser Joe  Chequamegon 100
Monroe Alexander Chequamegon 100
Morgan Sheldon Chequamegon 100
Munger John Chequamegon 100
Murray Galen Chequamegon 100
Neff Rob Chequamegon 100
Nelson Bruce Chequamegon 100
Nesvold Scott Chequamegon 100
Nickles Raymond Chequamegon 100
North Eric Chequamegon 100
Ogren Rob Chequamegon 100
Olson Trevor Chequamegon 100
Oney Ben Chequamegon 100
Pattison Gregg Chequamegon 100
Paulsen Erik Chequamegon 100
Peterson Erik Chequamegon 100
Poquette Todd Chequamegon 100
Pueschner Erik Chequamegon 100
Purtell Joshua Chequamegon 100
Quinn Tom Chequamegon 100
Roenfanz Parker Chequamegon 100
Rogowski Ben Chequamegon 100
Rosen  Mark  Chequamegon 100
Sagel Jeremiah Chequamegon 100
Sauber Larry Chequamegon 100
Saxman Bruce Chequamegon 100
Schick Richard Chequamegon 100
Schotz Chris Chequamegon 100
Scotch Mark Chequamegon 100
Sedore Kyle Chequamegon 100
Seidenkranz Robert Chequamegon 100
Seifert David Chequamegon 100
Sherman Scott Chequamegon 100
Shively Josh Chequamegon 100
Sparrgrove Scott Chequamegon 100
Stepanik Brett Chequamegon 100
Stephens Joe  Chequamegon 100
Stevens Scott Chequamegon 100
Stone Tim Chequamegon 100
Sumpter Scott Chequamegon 100
Swenson Eric Chequamegon 100
Tavela Dan Chequamegon 100
Teggatz Jason Chequamegon 100
Templeton Nick Chequamegon 100
Thornquest Thomas Chequamegon 100
Todd Cully Chequamegon 100
Tri Charly  Chequamegon 100
Ubinger Tyler Chequamegon 100
Unbehaun Todd Chequamegon 100
Van Ryswyk Jeremie Chequamegon 100
Versteegh Rob Chequamegon 100
Wade Kristen Chequamegon 100
Wade Allen Chequamegon 100
Wagner Beth Chequamegon 100
Wagner Paul Chequamegon 100
Walls Rick Chequamegon 100
Walter Mark Chequamegon 100
Watercott Mike Chequamegon 100
Wegener Randy  Chequamegon 100
Weisbrod Heath Chequamegon 100
Weispfenning Mike Chequamegon 100
Welnak Ben Chequamegon 100
Welnak Tyler Chequamegon 100
Williams Robert  Chequamegon 100
Winzenburg Lucas Chequamegon 100
Wiseman Steve Chequamegon 100
Wolf Jason Chequamegon 100
Wright Jerry Chequamegon 100
Young Jeffrey Chequamegon 100
Zeiner Andrew Chequamegon 100
Ziemer David Chequamegon 100

We’re Back!

Hey folks…it’s good to be back online!  Thank-you for your continued patience while we worked out our website kinks.  As you can see, we have switched from a .com to a .org so please update your bookmarks accordingly.

This year’s roster has been uploaded to Facebook, but will make an appearance on this site, too.  In the meantime, we have an extensive wait list so we’d appreciate a head’s up if you’re unable to participate in this year’s event.


The Chequamegon 100 is full!

We are late on getting around to posting this message.  I am happy to report that we have reached the 250 rider cap on the 2014 Chequamegon 100!  Thank you to everyone who registered and donated to CAMBA trails.  We look forward to bringing the event to you in June!  Until then, get out and ride.

Chequamegon 100 Registration is Live!

Welcome to registration for the 5th annual Chequamegon 100 metric/mile!

This year’s Chequamegon 100 is presented exclusively by Salsa Cycles!  Salsa Cycles has stepped up their sponsorship this year to cover all of our operating expenses.  Their financial support allows us to focus on providing riders with an incredible experience on the trails of the Chequamegon area. 

We expect to be announcing many more returning product sponsors in the near future. 

We would also like to thank the partners that help make Chequamegon 100 possible.  When you return to the Chequamegon area to ride, these are the people responsible for supporting all of the recreational opportunities that abound in the Northwoods.

  • CAMBA Trails – Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association is responsible for the nearly 100 miles of singletrack in the region.  Registration will be hosted by CAMBA and 100% of your required donation will go to supporting CAMBA and building trails.  A special thank you to Ron Bergin for his support. 
  • Lakewoods Resort – For over 100 years Lakewoods has been a part of recreation in the Chequamegon area.  They have been our host for the last four years.  Contact Lakewoods to make reservations for lodging for the event.  Be sure to mention that you are attending the Chequamegon 100 for special rates.  More details to come.
  • River’s Eatery – As it has for the past two years, The Chequamegon 100 will be finishing in downtown cable at River’s Eatery.  Pizza, Beverages, and a great place to hangout and tell stories around a backyard fire will be available from the great folks at River’s Eatery and the Ideal Market.  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall…River’s Eatery is always the place to stop in the northwoods after skiing or riding!  
  • Finally, we cannot forget these organization who have supported us and continue to do so.
    • IMBA – International Mountain Bike Association
    • Cable Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chequamegon 100 will be held on June 20/21st, 2014.  There will be a 100 kilometer and 100 mile race.  The 100 kilometer race requires a $30 donation to enter and the 100 mile race requires a $55 donation to enter.  A small registration fee will be charged by the registration service.  Your donation provides you with entry to the event and supports the work that CAMBA does for Mountain Biking in the Chequamegon area.

Number pickup will be available Friday night, June 20th at Lakewoods resort, where a pasta dinner will be available.  We will have day of number pickup available at Lakewoods resort on Saturday June 21st.  More event details will follow when registration has closed.

There are 250 spots available for the event.  This is total riders for both events combined.  We expect these spots to fill quickly.  Historically, registration has only been open for 24-36 hours. 

To register for the 5th annual Chequamegon 100 click here:  CAMBATRAILSCHEQUAMEGON100

We hope to see you in June


Registration goes live on February 1st!

At 12:00 PM CST on Saturday Feb. 1st, 2014 registration will open for the 5th annual Chequamegon 100! 
Registration will be accessible via www.Chequamegon100.com.  The required donation for the 100 kilometer event will be $30, while the 100 mile event will be $55.  100% of the required donation goes directly to CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association).  Registration will be capped at 250 riders for the combined events.  Last year the event raised over $12,000 that contributed to the building of Mountain Bike trails in the Chequamegon National Forest!  
The Chequamegon 100 will be held on June 21st, 2014.  Further Details will be announced at a later date. 

Rider cap is expected to fill within 24 hours of registration opening.

2014 Dates

2014 Info!

Registration will continue to be “free of charge”, but with a mandatory donation to the trails.  We will not collect any of this money, it always goes 100% to the trails, and does not even pass through us.

We will add one policy this year – all donations are completely non-refundable, and a rain date (if needed) is contingent on dates available.

Dates –

Sponsors, registration details, and policy/rules for 2014 event announced – January 20
Registration open – February 1, 2014
Race Day – June 21. 2014


Finally, the results are here!  Sorry for taking so long to get them up, we enter our busy season at work in the fall, and this is the first time I have had to sit down and enter them.  It was way more enjoyable than getting in fist fights at the Mal Wart.

I took the liberty of entering the results exactly as they were written.  Chad, whoever you are, I am talking to you.

Tag Place Time  Name
2 1 7:42 Brendan Moore
35 2 8:11 Trevor Olson
40 3 8:19:40 NIKOLAI
5 4 8:35 Greg Jones
15 5 8:37 Casey Krueger
33 6 8:37:10 Sheldon Morgan
12 7 8:44 Mike Pfeiffer
37 9 9:01 Tim Ek (did not get lost)
22 10 9:04 Eric Peterson
19 11 9:04 Kurt Klein
17 12 9:11 Scott Nesvold
13 13 9:19:45 Barry Buhr
11 14 9:27:40 Larry Sauber
28 15 9:27:50 Jason Wolf
25 16 9:32:50 Eric
41 17 9:46:20 Tim Bekke
7 18 9:47 Todd Poquette
21 19 9:51 Mark Nestande
34 20 9:52 Garkick Hole
31 21 9:57:20 Jeremie VanRyswyk
30 22 10:10:30 Paul Carroll
16 23 10:10:31 Tim Kostner
20 24 10:19:20 Mike Weisspfewning
27 25 10:20:44 Nate Hanssen
32 26 10:20:45 Ray Nichles
14 27 10:22:20 Steve Pribyl
26 28 10:36:26 Mike Watercott
10 29 10:38:40 Eddie Karow
6 30 10:41 Steve Jeske
9 31 10:52 Jack Donovan
18 32 11:07 Christina Bennett

And now, for the Metric 100
Tag Place Time Name
229 1 5:19:30 Todd McFadden
237 2 5:28:00 Mike Haag
239 3 5:33:20 Bart Kodberg
226 4 5:43:30 John Riley
232 5 5:48:47 Zach Beresford
231 6 5:48:50 Fred Kueffer
250 7 6:02:30 Richard Schick
238 8 6:04:12 Mark Walter
211 9 6:10:50 Eric Olson
36 10 6:11:30 Kevin Leitner
230 11 6:23:40 Diana McFadden
213 12 6:28:30 Pete Koski
206 13 6:36:40 Steve Kapaun
234 14 6:39:30 Jake Huot
23 15 6:54 Chad
222 16 6:54 Denny Rue
240 17 6:56:30 Karlene Olson
219 18 7:08:40 CJ Lindor
233 19 7:10 Marc Sponholz
208 20 7:11 Candy
241/242 21/22 7:15 STAMMERS
216 23 7:17:10 Casey Kohner
215 24 7:20:40 Matt Dale
246 25 7:38 Greg Haack
247 26 7:38:15 Wade Carlson
249 27 7:41:30 Nate Woolever
223 28 7:51:20 Bill Styer
248 29 7:52:40 Jin Lee
209 30 7:56:40 Rob Hoffman
235 31 8:04:40 Meked HH Wolf
236 32 8:04:40 Anna Rogowski
218 33 8:20:50 Mogren
210 34 8:26:20 Katie
227 35 8:34:40 Brian Hellweg
214 36 8:42 Anders Broste
214 37 8:42 Anders Broste
212 38 9:02 Pam Buhr
207 39 10:07 Terri Crist “the Modifier”
And if you are any of the following, your time entry did not make sense.  Our records indicate you were in one race, but your time and placement suggest you did something else.  Contact us and let us know where to put you!
24 6:30:15 Rob Neff
244 6:31:40 Dave Ziemer
243 6:41:30 Dan Kueffer
245 7:06:45 Jared Gazda
3 7:29 David Hallaway
Thanks for a great race everyone.  Enjoy your long holiday, and be careful out there.  Its a rough one.

Cue sheets and Race Day Notes

The cue sheets are ready, and you can access them here – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49209047/Cues%202013.doc

The course has been modified a slight bit because we are occupying the forest on the same day as the American Birkebeiner Trail Run.  They have been great to work with, to insure our events do not conflict.  Due to this, there is a slight re-route on the 100 mile course on the way down to Hatchery Creek, we will be using Phipps Fire Lane and the Whitetail Trail instead of the Birkie Trail.

Also, due to the Birkie event there will be increased vehicle traffic on Spider Lake Road, Boedecker Road and Janet Road.  Please be aware of it.

With these changes, previous year’s GPX files are not accurate.  Please do not use them.

See you this weekend!

Transfers, Volunteers, and Weekend Details

We are just a couple of weeks away from the rescheduled 2013 Chequamegon 100!

The dog days have passed, it is time for some beautiful, crisp, fall riding.  

We continue to utter the word ‘wow’ each time we discuss or think about what this list of riders has contributed to CAMBA and IMBA to support the trails.  Just as when we started the event 4 years ago we continue to be amazed at your support for the event and now to the trails.  We could not be more pleased for the partnership with CAMBA and IMBA for this years event.  We believe that this is the beginning of a very good thing.

Please welcome our title sponsors for the event: 

·         Milltown Cycles of Fairbault, MN
·         Salsa Cycles, based in Bloomington, MN. 
This year we also have several supporting sponsors coming on: 
·         Angry Catfish Bicycles and Coffee of Minneapolis, MN
Finally, we can’t thank enough the partners who have provided us with prizes, opened their doors to host us, and built trails for us to ride
·         Twin Six Clothing of Minneapolis, MN
·         DZ Nuts embrocations
·         Wolf Tooth Components
·         Osprey
·         Lakewoods Resort
·         River’s Eatery
·         Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association
·         International Mountain Bike Association
·         RJF Insurance
·         Cable Chamber of Commerce
To put this event on is a labor of love for us.  Our title and supporting sponsors provide the operating budget for our event along with great prizes.  Our partners are critical in creating the experience that we want to provide with the event along with incredible prizes. 
Many of you have requested to transfer your entry to another racer.  We have received your requests and have updated the roster.  If you have already requested a transfer it has been processed.  If you have not sent an email to us to request a transfer you have between now and September 14th to do so.  On September 14th we will lock the roster and only cancellations will be possible.  We appreciate your patience while we have been silent on the issue.  
If you have sent a cancellation notice we have received it.  If you need to cancel for any reason please email us between now and race day.  The sooner the better, but we understand circumstances.  This helps us greatly with our partners for food planning and race day logistics.
We are in need of volunteers!  All of our crew has either added to their family, is adding to their family, or went and wrecked themselves riding a bike.  If you, or a riding a partner, are available on race weekend to volunteer please read on!  Volunteers are guaranteed entry into next year’s event.  
Course Setup:  Friday September 20th, we are in need of course marking volunteers.  Volunteers will be given all of the materials and a section of trail with a map to mark.  Historically this has been roughly 15-20 miles of trail split amongst 6-10 people.  Typically pairs go out together to get this job done, with 3-5 pairs of riders.  We will meet Friday AM @ Lakewoods Resort parking log, 10am.  Please come with bike, bug spray, a pack to hold supplies, and enough food and water for 3-4 hours.   
Race Day:
Saturday September 21st, we are in need of volunteers at the Fish Hatchery park checkpoint.  This volunteer will haul drop bags and spend the day at the checkpoint opening it up for the first riders at 10am and closing it down at 3:00pm.  This is good for someone who has a larger vehicle and a racer going the 100 mile distance.  We encourage rider support to make a day at the Fish Hatchery checkpoint, bring a picnic, bring a frisbee and have a great time while waiting for riders!
Tear Down:
Sunday September 22nd we are in need of volunteers to ride a section of course and pull down course markings.  Historically this has been done by 2-3 riders.  We have inevitably missed signs and this isn’t how we want to show up at the trails.  If you are interested in this position we will meet Sunday @10am at Lakewoods Resort to assign sections and provide course maps.  This is great for race support crews that want to get a ride in and riders who ‘just didn’t get enough’ the day before.  
If you, or a riding partner, are available to help please let us know.  We appreciate any support and time you can provide.
Weekend Details:

Lodging: Lakewoods Resort

Just like previous years Lakewoods Resort is the host resort for the pre-race meeting and dinner.

Lakewoods is offering a 20% discount on lodging if you book for 2 or more nights, lodging is limited this year.  Rooms may still available if you call Lakewoods.

Event Details:

Remember the Chequamegon 100 happens on September 20th and 21st, 2013. 

Pre-Race Meeting and Registration:

Friday, September 20th, 6-8pm at Lakewoods Resort there will be a mandatory pre-race meeting and registration.
Registration is from 6-8pm with a brief riders meeting starting at 7:30pm.

Riders will receive a race number.  If you are competing in the 100 mile event, a drop bag and number will be provided for you (more details below)
This year Lakewoods will be offering a Combo Meal Ticket.  This will cover one persons meals for dinner and breakfast at a cost of 20.00.  Tickets will be sold by Lakewoods Resort when you check in.  Be sure to ask for them and indicate what meals they are for.  If you do not get them at check-in, we will have them at the registration table with cash only.

Friday Night Pasta Feed: Friday, September 20th, 6-8pm, Lakewoods Resort

We encourage all riders, families, and support crews to eat dinner at Lakewoods Friday night.  Perhaps we are naive believing that families and support crews would want to spend the weekend in the Northwoods, perhaps we are optimistic.  Either way, we want this to be an event that people make a weekend out of and enjoy some time spent in the Chequamegon National Forest

Pasta Feed..$12.50, per person, gratuity is included in the cost (Kids under 5 eat free, 5-10 are 1/2 price)
Includes two pastas; Alfredo, marinara & meat sauces
Sautéed veggies
Italian salad
Assorted French breads
Ice cream bar with sundae toppings
Cash bar will also be available

Saturday Breakfast: Saturday, September 21st, 5:30-8am (open late for families and support crews), Lakewoods Resort

We encourage everyone to pay for breakfast Friday night, this will help Lakewoods estimate how much food to prepare.
Everyone who pre-pays for breakfast Friday night will receive a ticket you will need to hand in Saturday morning.

Breakfast Buffet …$10.00, per person, gratuity is included in the cost (Kids under 5 eat free, 5-10 are 1/2 price)
Scrambled eggs

Race Start:
The 100 Mile race start will be at 7:00am.  Riders are to rally in the parking lot at Lakewoods from 6:30-6:45.  We will then cross the road and have a pre-race meeting before the start on Rock Lake Road. 

The Metric 100 race start will be at 8:00am.  Riders are to rally in the parking lot at Lakewoods from 7:30-7:45.  We will then cross the road and have a pre-race meeting before the start on Rock Lake Road

Fish Hatchery Checkpoint (for 100 mile riders):
Fish Hatchery will be roughly the half point of the 100 miler.  Riders will be able to have one drop bag that we will transport to/from the checkpoint and finish.  Drop bags will be provided at the pre-race meeting on Friday night to all 100 mile riders.  We will not be accepting personal bags this year, only the bag that we provide.  This is a change from last year.  Water is available at the checkpoint via a well, or you can pack it in your bag.  You may also have support crews meet up at the fish hatchery checkpint

We encourage riders to have their support crews at the checkpoint, make a day of it, make a picnic, let’s turn the park into a festival! 

Fish Hatchery Checkpoint is the only place on course that we would like support crews to meet their riders.  This is primarily for the experience and safety of the riders.
Janet Road Checkpoint
Janet Road will be roughly the half point for Metric 100 riders.  We will not have drop bags available at this checkpoint, but there will be water and snacks for those in need.  This checkpoint is intended to be a last resort aid station.  Do Not plan on needing this checkpoint as you strategize for the event.  

Race Finish
This year the race finish will happen in downtown Cable, WI.  The finish line will be in front of River’s Eatery where riders and families will be able to relax and fuel up after a day on the bike.  We will have a changing tent and bike washes available.  Please keep muddy bike shoes and clothing out of the River’s Eatery.

Post-Race Party and Awards Ceremony
With a handful of sponsors comes a handful of prizes!  This year we will have some prizes and giveaways for riders in the evening.  Expect the awards ceremony to happen at 7:00 June 23rd, 2012, the day of the race.

That’s all for now folks.  Thank you for your patience.