2015 Roster

After keeping you on pins and needles longer than expected, here is the 2015 roster for the Metric and 100-miler events!  Please be sure your information is correct (including race) and notify me at odia (at) thegreentunnel.com of any errors I have made.  If you’ve decided to pay with your credit card, please be aware that your invoice should arrive in the next couple of days.

As always, we’re thankful so many of you are willing to sign-on for our mission of “pedaling good will” as we continue to help CAMBA with their desire to create the best network of singletrack in the midwest (if not the nation).  That said, we’re also disappointed we weren’t able to choose all of the entries sent in – we hope to see your smiling faces at our other Advocate Cycling Productions events.

Last Name First Name Race
Adams Jason Metric
Adams Kent Metric
Alexander Beckie Metric
Anderson Justin Metric
Ball Nathan Metric
Bartlam Dee Metric
Bernard Russell Metric
Boyle Jamie Metric
Buer Nicolas Metric
Calloway Bob Metric
Calloway Diane Metric
Cary Neil Metric
Chaffe Andrew Metric
Cleary Rick Metric
Cole Scott Metric
Coors Jim Metric
Dekan Amanda Metric
Dekan Josh Metric
Dicus Jon Metric
Drevlow Aaron Metric
Driscoll Tom Metric
Ellis Scot Metric
Fish David Metric
Flanagan-Haag Michelle Metric
Frazier Bryan Metric
Friedell Jon Metric
Frise Mark Metric
Gazda Jared Metric
Gniot Quentin Metric
Greske Derek Metric
Haack Greg Metric
Haag Mike Metric
Hagstrom Jud Metric
Hanenburg Amy Metric
Hanson Graham Metric
Hargrove Ross Metric
Hayden Brian Metric
Hayden Levi Metric
Hayden Samuel Metric
Hellweg Brian Metric
Hill Rick James Metric
Hofmann Candy Metric
Hofmann Rob Metric
Hukill Joel Metric
Hupperts Sarah Metric
Hutchins Lauren Metric
Ireland Rebecca Metric
Johnson Casey Metric
Johnson Doug Metric
Kelly Chad Metric
Krueger Garrett Metric
Kunshier Jason Metric
Larson Mara Metric
Larson Todd Metric
Lloyd Bryan Metric
Lueth Ryan Metric
Lueth Shawn Metric
Luethner Charlie Metric
Lundberg Matt Metric
Lundsten Roger Metric
Lystig Ted Metric
Marchand Anne Metric
Marx Larry Metric
McFadden Diana Metric
McFadden Todd Metric
Meilahn Genevieve Metric
Mielke Nathan Metric
Miller Jeff Metric
Million Porter Metric
Monroe Alexander Metric
Montee Gretchen Metric
Montee Tim Metric
Morse Sara Metric
Munger Diana Metric
Myslivecek Griffin Metric
Ness Jason Metric
Ogren Rob Metric
Olson Katie Metric
Orlikowski John Metric
Orlikowski Robert Metric
Paetznick Ryan Metric
Paradise Tracy Metric
Parman Mark Metric
Parman Matt Metric
Perez Jose Metric
Pink Victoria Metric
Piontek Justin Metric
Pirius Eric Metric
Pueschner Erik Cheq 100
Rahimi Kaveh Metric
Reed Dave Metric
Reeve Matt Metric
Riley John Metric
Rudd Kim Metric
Ryan Matthew Metric
Sandberg John Metric
Schafer Cindy Metric
Schindel Mark Metric
Schmitt Pamela Metric
Schneider Joshua Metric
Schreyer Sandy Metric
St. Onge Dan Metric
Stammer Jodi Metric
Stammer Scott Metric
Steger Vince Metric
St-Jacques Sophie Metric
Stoltz Robert Metric
Stremcha Jesse Metric
Stumvoll Rori Metric
Styer Bill Metric
Swenson Brett Metric
Swenson Eric Metric
Szczodroski Steve Metric
Szubielak Patrick Metric
Tauer Rich Metric
Thompson Katie Metric
Tripp Adam Metric
Veldhuizen Scott Metric
Veldhuizen Shane Metric
Witt Curtis Metric
Wolf Meredith Metric
Woolery Logan Metric
Zeimer David Metric
Alexander Eric Cheq 100
Alexander Wallace Cheq 100
Andersen Kari Cheq 100
Andrew Timothy Cheq 100
Baptista Gustavo Cheq 100
Barden Gary Cheq 100
Barden Jen Cheq 100
Bass BJ Cheq 100
Bednarski Piotr Cheq 100
Benton Joel Cheq 100
Betters Kevin Cheq 100
Bierbaum Brian Cheq 100
Bilek Jerry Cheq 100
Blackford Rick Cheq 100
Blum Joshua Cheq 100
Bork Bennett Cheq 100
Brandt Gregg Cheq 100
Bruns Micah Cheq 100
Bruns Mitchell Cheq 100
Buell Lee Cheq 100
Buhr Barry Cheq 100
Bushendorf Jeff Cheq 100
Camp Tom Cheq 100
Carman Craig Cheq 100
Carpenter Bob Cheq 100
Carroll Paul Cheq 100
Chinn Derek Cheq 100
Cline Curt Cheq 100
Cluse Herman Cheq 100
Cohen Andrea Cheq 100
Constant Mike Cheq 100
Eichelberger Kevin Cheq 100
Engel Steve Cheq 100
Farrow Charlie Cheq 100
Fellenz Ben Cheq 100
Fitch Michael Cheq 100
Flisram Wade Cheq 100
Fort TJ Cheq 100
Fry Steve Cheq 100
Funke Dan Cheq 100
Gates Kari Cheq 100
Gibson Jason Cheq 100
Grelk Dennis Cheq 100
Guse Eric Cheq 100
Harju Adam Cheq 100
Harris Tom Cheq 100
Hegge Brian Cheq 100
Hicks Nathan Cheq 100
Hill Danny Cheq 100
Hoberg Scott Cheq 100
Hutchins Travis Cheq 100
Jones Greg Cheq 100
Kapinos Patricia Cheq 100
Karjala Kent Cheq 100
Karow Eddie Cheq 100
Kauth James Cheq 100
Kettler Benny Cheq 100
Kienitz Andrew Cheq 100
Kjeer Joe Cheq 100
Knauss Steve Cheq 100
Kohl Robert Cheq 100
Krueger Casey Cheq 100
Krueger Ryan Cheq 100
Lee Jin Cheq 100
Leisz Nick Cheq 100
Lemery Ross Cheq 100
Lockhart Fiona Cheq 100
Luebke Dan Cheq 100
Martin Justin Cheq 100
Mattner Sean Cheq 100
Maxwell Shane Cheq 100
McEnaney Bob Cheq 100
McKillip Rob Cheq 100
Millin Matt Cheq 100
Munger John Cheq 100
Neff Rob Cheq 100
Nestande Mark Cheq 100
Nesvold Scott Cheq 100
Nickles Ray Cheq 100
Nielsen Jack Cheq 100
O’Brien Rudy Cheq 100
Olson Chad Cheq 100
O’Reilly William Cheq 100
Parsons Charles Cheq 100
Paulsen Erik Cheq 100
Prahl Tyler Cheq 100
Pribyl Steve Cheq 100
Purtell Joshua Cheq 100
Quinn Tom Cheq 100
Riching Kristen Cheq 100
Ries de Chaffin Danielle Cheq 100
Rogowski Ben Cheq 100
Rudd Craig Cheq 100
Samide Ray Cheq 100
Sauber Larry Cheq 100
Saxman Bruce Cheq 100
Schommer Peter Cheq 100
Schotz Chris Cheq 100
Schratz Jon Cheq 100
Schultz Paul Cheq 100
Scotch Mark Cheq 100
Sedore Kyle Cheq 100
Selbig Bill Cheq 100
Seydel Kevin Cheq 100
Sheedy Patrick Cheq 100
Shively Josh Cheq 100
Sich Jesse Cheq 100
Stachel Jamison Cheq 100
Stephens Joel Cheq 100
Sumpter Scott Cheq 100
Sundby Scott Cheq 100
Swanson David Cheq 100
Sympson Jeff Cheq 100
Talerico Dominic Cheq 100
Tavela Dan Cheq 100
Tri Charly Cheq 100
Ubinger Tyler Cheq 100
Van Ryswyk Jeremie Cheq 100
Wagner Beth Cheq 100
Wagner Paul Cheq 100
Walls Rick Cheq 100
Watercott Mike Cheq 100
Wegener Randy Cheq 100
Weiler Andrea Cheq 100
Weisbrod Heath Cheq 100
Weispfenning Mike Cheq 100
Welnak Ben Cheq 100
Welnak Tyler Cheq 100
Wendel Caleb Cheq 100
Williams Robert Cheq 100
Wolf Jason Cheq 100
Woodbury Laurie Cheq 100
Woodbury Richard Cheq 100
Wright Jerry Cheq 100
Young Jeffrey Cheq 100
Zeiner Andy Cheq 100

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  1. Thanks for choosing me to participate in the event again this year, but I’m pretty certain I signed up for the full 100. Could you check please. Thank you! Erik

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